R.E. and Worship

Learning and growing together in God’s love


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The whole curriculum and way of life of our school provides opportunities that enable children to grow in their relationship with God through Jesus. Religious Education goes beyond the RE curriculum itself to inform and enrich all areas of learning. Every aspect of school life influences the moral and spiritual development of the children.

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Prayer and worship are a fundamental part of the life of our school. We celebrate masses and liturgies together and the children are offered daily opportunities for prayer and quiet reflection. The school environment, both indoors and outdoors, is designed so that the children and staff are aware that Christ is at the centre of all we do.

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Through the teaching and learning of RE we develop the children’s ability to reflect upon and explore the beliefs, values and ways of life of the Catholic faith and other faith traditions. The school follows the Diocesan Primary Religious Education Curriculum which is based on the national ‘Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools’. The scheme broadly follows the liturgical year and includes topics on the Sacraments, the Universal Church, the Bible etc. Within the scheme, the children learn about the beliefs and the teachings of the Church and about the celebration and ritual of worship. They investigate how faith is reflected in the social practices and moral decisions of life. They learn to talk about their own experiences and feelings, and to respect those of others. They are encouraged to engage with questions of meaning and purpose, questions that are sometimes difficult to answer.

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The children also follow a programme of Gospel Values, one each month, in order to find out how we are asked to live in a community of God’s children. These values are introduced in school assemblies and then further explored in class curriculum time and collective worship.