Staff & Contacts

Here is a list of all the staff working at St Francis this term.


Mrs Felicity Hope

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Claire Furness

Foundation Stage

Mrs. Louise Little – Class Teacher

Mrs. Briony Knowles – Class Teacher

Miss Jo Goulds – Class Teacher

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs. Lorraine Zipfel-Burke

Mrs. Laura Cubitt

Miss Jade Wright

Mrs. Vanessa Seeley

Year Four

Mrs. Kate Hinings – Class Teacher

Miss Sarah McDade – Class Teacher

Miss Debbie Self – Class Teacher

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs. Christine Savage

Dr. Elena Gessi

Year One

Mrs. Katharine Ladbrooke – Class Teacher

Mrs.  Laura Palmer– Class Teacher

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs. Claudia McInally

Miss Georgia Evison

Mrs. Gwen Wilkin

Mrs Jan Mycroft

Mrs. Soledad Alvarez Sanchez

Year Five

Miss Lauren Farrow – Class Teacher

Miss Amelia Mendham – Class Teacher

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs. Alizon Fenton

Mr. Greg Evans

Miss Isabel Smith

Mrs. Vivien Thomas

Miss. Kathryn Gould

Year Two

Miss. Anne Jeffery – Class Teacher

Mrs. Melody Hutcheon – Class Teacher

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs. Jill Lawson

Mrs. Catherine Plane

Mrs. Catherine Wilson

Year Six

Miss. Alison Wakefield – Class Teacher

Mrs. Sandra Watt – Class Teacher

Mrs. Rachael Wilson – Class Teacher

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs. Moira Everson

Mrs. Jenny Beaugeard

Mrs. Sarah Weston

Miss Katherine Gould

Mrs. Becky Collier

Year Three

Mr Sam Brackenbury – Class Teacher

Miss Julie Deakin – Class Teacher

Miss Rachel Mallett – Class Teacher

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs. Michaela Riches

Mrs. Tracy Saward-Clarke

Mrs. Andrea Barnes

Mrs. Jan Mycroft

Mrs. Gwen Wilkin


Mrs. Rachel Bowen – SENCO

Mrs. Tara Downing – Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs. Dorothea Mitchell – FT/Swimming

Miss Rachel Mallett – Computing

Mr. Harry Palmer– PE HLTA

Mrs. Ruth Raworth HLTA

Mrs. Andrea Bell  – Parent Support Advisor

Mrs. Soledad Alvarez Sanchez – Speech and Language Assistant

Mrs. Emma Rotheram – Pastoral Support Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs. Kelly Betteridge – Finance Officer and HR

Ms. Emily Palmer– School Secretary

Miss Juliette Clifford – Receptionist

Kitchen Staff

Mr Chris Bell – Cook in Charge

Mrs. Kirby Lansdowne – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs. Val Nunes – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs. Dot Reynolds– Kitchen Assistant

Breakfast/After School Club Staff

Mrs. Emily Palmer – Breakfast Club

Ms. Juliette Clifford – Breakfast Club

Mrs. Lorraine Zipfel-Burke Breakfast Club

Mrs. Julia McClarnon – Play Leader

Ms. Isabel Smith – Playworker

Mrs. Dorothea Mitchell – Playworker

Mr. Harry Palmer – Playworker

Mr. Greg Evans – Playworker

MSAs (Dinner Supervisors)

Mrs. Helen Hinsley – Lead Supervisor

Mrs. Michaela Riches

Mrs. Ruth Raworth

Mrs. Claudia McInally

Mrs. Lorraine Zipfel-Burke

Mrs. Sue Spooner

Mrs. Marlene Palmer

Ms. Amy Deol (SEN)

Ms. Isabel Smith

Ms Brigid Conway

Mrs. Susan Boudjelal

Mr Harry Palmer

Mrs. Mary Syder

Mrs. Gwen Wilkin

Mrs. Isabella Olivo

Mrs. Catherine Wilson

Mrs. Jan Mycroft

Mrs. Moira Everson

Support Staff

Mrs. Mary Syder – Caretaker/Cleaner

Mr Albert Irvine – Caretaker/Cleaner

Mrs. Marlene Palmer – Cleaner

Mrs. Liliana Castro Osorio – Cleaner

Miss Cali Syder – Cleaner

If you wish to talk to a member of staff, please phone the school office to make an appointment. While all staff will try to make themselves available, please understand that it may not always be possible for you to talk to teachers and LSAs at the beginning and end of the school day. If you wish to write a note to a teacher and send it to school with your child, or via the school office, staff will make a point of getting back to you as soon as possible. Thankyou.