Outdoor Learning at St Francis

Year 1 Trip to The Anglican Cathedral – November 2019

Year One have had a very busy week! On Wednesday we went to the Anglican Cathedral to enjoy a trip all about Advent. We made our own angels and met lots of people who could tell us about the Nativity story. We even saw the Cathedral cat, Fudge, fast asleep on the altar! The next day, we took part in an Advent Liturgy where we talked all about the importance of getting ready to celebrate Christmas and Jesus’ birthday. We sang a lot of songs and told Father Simon and our families about the meaning of the Advent wreath. The children were fantastic both during our trip and our Liturgy and were an absolute credit to their families. 

Ullswater – The Lake District – 5 day residential

November saw Year 6 travelling to Ullswater in the Lake District to enjoy a week of adventurous, outside activities. The Outward Bound Centre provides an experience, which develops independence, resilience and a love for nature and the outdoors in young people. The children took part in a variety of activities, which included canoeing, hill walking, rock climbing, exploring tunnels, gorge walking, orienteering, rowing and team building games, all in the amazing and beautiful setting of Cumbria. Year 6 had an amazing time and it has been a joy to see how much they have matured and grown in confidence in just one week! A big thank-you to all parents who turned out at 4:40am on the Monday morning to wave the children off and picked up 8:30 on the Friday. Without your support we could not provide the children with such a rich experience.

Year 3 Castle Museum Brilliant Beginning Trip for the topic Invaders

On the first Friday of this Autumn term, Year 3 were whisked off to the castle for a fabulous Viking experience. We had the chance to meet Viking characters – including a trader, a brooch maker and a storyteller – as well as a metal detector who taught us about Viking artefacts and how we can use them to find out clues about the past. Everyone had a brilliant time and represented the school brilliantly. We recommend a visit to the permanent Viking exhibition at the castle if you get the opportunity!

Year 3 Knight Life Activity Day

On a rainy day in February, Year 3 enjoyed an activity day that supported and extended their learning about their current topic. This involved an archery workshop; a siege tower engineering; catapult crafting; and knight training! It was thoroughly enjoyed by all children.

Year 6 go to Parliament in London

On Monday 4th February, Year 6 visited Parliament where they experienced a tour around the wonderful building and got to go into the House of Commons and Lords. What an experience for the children to stand in the great hall where Guy Fawkes was put on trial for treason and where Charles I’s fate was decided. Year 6 took part in several activities in the education centre and even got to meet the local MP, Clive Lewis, who led a question and answer session with the children. After lunch, they explored Westminister Abbey where they saw: the Coronation Chair, the tombs of Henry VII, Elizabeth I and Edward the Confessor among others; Poet’s Corner and The Unknown Soldier’s Grave. What a busy and truly amazing day they had – well done Year 6, you were a credit to your school.

Year 6 Jewish Living Workshop – January 2019

Year 6 were invited on Wednesday to visit the Jewish Living Workshop which was taking place at the Anglican Cathedral. The children have been learning about Judaism and this workshop provided an excellent opportunity to meet Jewish people who could explain all about their faith and what it meant to them.

We had a chance to taste some food found on a Seder plate at Passover, discovered how Jewish people celebrate Sabbath, examined a Torah scroll and got to try on particular pieces of clothing which Jewish people wear when they pray.

Year 6 were able to look around the Cathedral and it was very interesting to see the similarities and differences between this place of worship and our own Cathedral on Earlham Road as well as noting the heritage shared by both Judaism and Christianity.

The Cathedral staff were very complimentary on the children’s behaviour and their knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and hoped that we would visit again. A great day out had by all!

Year 1 Visit to Norwich Cathedral

Year 1 had a lovely trip to Norwich Cathedral and heard the true meaning of Advent. We all went on a trip to Bethlehem and met characters from the Christmas story. We also had a craft session in the cathedral classroom and made puppet angels, shepherds and kings.

Year 2 at Hickling Broad

On Monday 29th October, Year 2 went on a trip to Hickling Broad, to investigate minibeasts and their habitats further. We had already done a lot of work about minibeasts, but the trip made us even more like experts! We had to travel a long way to get there and we were excited when we arrived. We did four different activities, a habitat trail, a minibeast hunt, pond dipping and sketching in the bird hide. We had a fabulous time and thought that Hickling Broad was fantastic!

Year 1 Trip to the Sealife Centre

Year One had a lovely time at the Sea Life Centre. Inside we saw lots of fish, some sharks and a young turtle called Noah. We watched Noah having his lunch. He ate broccoli and apples. There was also a group of penguins who were fed sand eels and fish. They swam around their tank very quickly. We learned how they swallow their food whole without even chewing. In a special classroom we were also able to touch a small crab and a starfish. The starfish had five arms and 1000 tiny legs. Thank you to all the adults for helping on our trip, you were all brilliant.