The Arts at St Francis

Awful Auntie Theatre Production

When Stella sets off to visit London with her parents, Lord and Lady Saxby, she has no idea her life is in danger! Waking up three months later, only her Aunt Alberta can tell Stella what has happened. But not everything Alberta tells her turns out to be true and Stella quickly discovers she’s in for the fight of her life against her very own Awful Auntie!
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Yesterday, 92 children walked to the Theatre Royal to see a rather brilliant production of the David Walliams’ book Awful Auntie. It exceeded expectations. The set was stunning, the 4 actors were fantastic and our seats were very good indeed. Every child behaved exceptionally well and were a credit to our school. Thank you to the parents who attended. If your child did not go yesterday, see if tickets are available tonight. It will be well worth the money.

Year 2 Trip to the Theatre Royal –Music for Youth Primary Proms

On Tuesday afternoon, with the sun shining on us, Year 2 walked to the Theatre Royal to watch the Music for Youth Primary Proms! We saw four different groups of musicians. First we saw a choir who sang three songs. Their voices all had different parts and we really enjoyed watching them sing. Then we listened to a large string ensemble play some pieces of music. One of the songs was by Ed Sheeran! We joined in with some clapping and speaking during one of the pieces of music. Next, we watched some Year 5 children play ukuleles and drums made from small bins! We joined in with actions to one of the songs. Finally, we watched the woodwind and brass instruments play different pieces- one was some music from Doctor Who! We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being in a theatre and watching live music. Afterwards, we walked back in the sunshine and got back to school just in time to go home!


A King’s Ransom Sunday Gala Performance for Young Norfolk Arts Festival July 2018

5W took to the stage once more at The Norwich School’s outdoor stage, for the day on sunny Sunday 8th July. They performed a selection of pieces from the Opera as part of the YNA Festival. Every member was outstanding and many now love opera so much they are participating in the summer school.

Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios Exhibition Saturday 9th June


The inspiration behind our exhibition was ‘A King’s Ransom,’ the opera that some of our older children took part in, during February 2018. A King’s Ransom is a story set in a forest, at the time of the Robin Hood legend. This was a fabulous stimulus for arts based work.

We extended the theme out to the whole school, by holding an Artsweek, shortly afterwards. The children all took part in den building and created nature art outside, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. They did a wide range of arts activities with fantastic results! Each class was also given a large canvas that they had to use to create a collaborative piece.

The exhibition was a great success and was visited by lots of our families. They all agreed it was wonderful to see work from Reception to Year 6 displayed together and that it was like an art gallery! The canvasses altogether, look stunning and will remain on the walls as a reminder of the event.


Our involvement in the 2018 GoGoHares project gave us the perfect link to our forest based Artsweek. Children from KS1 painted different coloured leaves and then decorated them with gold pens.

The leaves were stuck onto the Leveret (young hare) using the decoupage technique which created a shiny surface. The base is covered with Autumn leaves and the Hare itself is covered in Spring leaves. This was to represent the changing seasons in a forest. The GoGoHares Norwich Trail 2018, will start on 24th June – 8th September. Our school Leveret will be on display in:

GGC Gallery Space, Dining Terrace in INTU Chapelfield NR1 3SH

Please go and see it if you can!

The Big Sing – May 2018

The year 5s enjoyed a wonderful morning at The Norfolk Showground  participating in The Big Sing. Other acts included Alexandra Burke and Clean Bandits. The children sang and danced their hearts out as the sun transported everyone into  the festival spirit.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea Performance

The Year 1 and 2 children went to The Playhouse to watch The Tiger Who Came to Tea adapted from the book by Judith Kerr.

Book Fair

Marilyn Brocklehurst brought her Book Fair to our school for two days in January. The children couldn’t be pulled away from the wonderful stories.

A King’s Ransom on Look East