Writing and Grammar

In this school, we mainly follow a Talk for Writing structure from Reception to Year 4.  In Year 5 and 6, we slightly adapt this structure to extend the learning and independence of the children.   In Key Stage 1, lessons are generally based around a key text.  In Key Stage 2, key texts are used and lessons are based around the features, the audience and the purpose of a set genre.  Links between topic and literacy are made at all times and literacy is very much at the heart of the topic, together with the skills of the subject.


Handwriting is explicitly taught from Reception based on the Read Write Inc. method.   Children will have regular handwriting lessons throughout the school to aid transcription with fluent and legible handwriting.  Letterjoin is used from Year 2 onwards to support this learning.

Spelling and Phonics

Phonics is taught from Reception onwards and Bug Club, Letters and Sounds, Read Write Inc. and Jolly Phonics are used to support the learning.     From Year 2 upwards, the children follow the Read Write Inc. Spelling programme which is enhanced by spelling games and activities to develop their knowledge, joy and love of words.