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Dear Parents and Carers,

At St Francis, we are involved in an exciting project to introduce and embed a mastery approach to learning Mathematics. We are one of a group of primary schools which has been selected to receive training, support and resources to help us experience, experiment with, and implement teaching for mastery approaches in maths lessons.

The principles of Maths Mastery are:

Success for all

Every child can enjoy and succeed in mathematics as long as they are given the appropriate learning opportunities. A growth mindset enables pupils to develop resilience and confidence.

Deeper understanding

Pupils must be given time and opportunities to fully explore mathematical concepts. The challenge comes from investigating ideas in new and complex ways – rather than accelerating through new topics.


Enabling learners to solve new problems in unfamiliar contexts is the ultimate aim of mathematics education. Identifying, applying and connecting ideas enables pupils to tackle new and more complex problems.

Mathematical thinking

Successful mathematicians are known to develop mathematical ‘habits of mind’. To encourage this, we must support pupils to be systematic, generalise and seek out patterns. Questioning is a key element of this.

Mathematical language

Mathematical language strengthens conceptual understanding by enabling pupils to explain and reason. This must be carefully introduced and reinforced through frequent discussion to ensure it is meaningfully understood.

Multiple representations

Objects, pictures, numbers and symbols enable pupils to represent ideas and make connections in different ways. This develops understanding and problem solving skills – while making lessons engaging and fun.


Number Talks: Building Numerical Reasoning.

At St Francis of Assisi, an important part of mathematics is giving children the opportunity to reason and explain their thinking and one of the ways to experience this is through our Number Talk Sessions.

A Number Talk Session could start with the presentation of an image, calculation or a question e.g.

When they are presented with the focus of the maths talk, children are given time to think independently before they discuss their first responses with their number talk partner.  They can be challenged to find more than one way to respond.  It’s a great opportunity for children to learn from each other, share ideas, and explain their thinking and to debate the efficiency of different methods.  If you would like to find out more about Number Talks follow this link for a very interesting video:-

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