Cool Maths Websites

TimesTable Rockstars:
Children from Years 3- 6 will have a log in to enable them to practise their Times Tables on this fun interactive website:

ICT Games:
Excellent site for both English and Maths! Go to the Maths Zone for lots of cool Maths games.

Top Marks:
An excellent site for early years Maths fun!

Primary Interactive:
Activities for the entire primary age range, from the youngest to the oldest!

Comber Primary School:
A Northern Ireland primary school with an excellent Maths Zone featuring games for everyone from Early Years to KS2.

Math Playground – Thinking Blocks:
An American site with some fantastic activities that involve children manipulating blocks to make up bars. Similar to the ‘Singapore Bar’ idea that is very popular at the moment.

Woodlands Junior:
A junior school with a Maths Zone on their website with links to some enjoyable and useful maths activities.

Excellent activities for extending the confident mathematician, but plenty for everyone, too!

BBC Learning Zone:
Includes the ‘Bitesize’ KS2 revision area – excellent for SATs preparation in Year 6!


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