A Helping Hand


If you are finding it difficult to meet the costs of education you should check whether you are entitled to any social security benefits. As well as possibly bringing more money into the household, receipt of a particular benefit is often a condition of getting further help from the local authority.

For a full benefits check, you could consult an experienced adviser for example, at a Citizens Advice Bureau.

School funds

Second Hand Uniform

The school keeps a stock of second hand uniform. Please contact the pupil’s school for further information.

(Since we have a new uniform, our stock of uniform is rather limited at present. We would very much welcome donations of good-quality second hand uniform.)

Pupil Premium

This is additional funding which is linked directly to pupils who are on or have received Free School Meals in the last six years. We have allocated pupil premium funds to a wide range of supporting activities in school. An element of this funding can be used to help parents cover the cost of school trips and extra-curricular activities, so that pupils can experience the full range of opportunities offered.

Plaese contact Mrs Payne in confidence (head@st-francisofassisi.norfolk.sch.uk)

Help from charities

Some charities give grants to parents to help with the costs of education. These charities often have a very limited amount of money to give and usually have very specific criteria which must be met in order to get a grant. Although the criteria vary widely, some common examples could be that parents live in a particular area.

You can either approach charities personally or approach the school for help. Some charities do not support applications from individuals, but the school may able to access funds.

Barclaycard Horizons Children’s Fund

If you are a lone parent, you may be able to get money from the Barclaycard Horizons Children’s Fund to help with the cost of school uniforms, school trips and day trips. To see if you qualify for help, contact your local CAB, social worker or health visitor. They can apply on your behalf to the Family Welfare Association (FWA) which is running the fund.

You may be able to get information about local charities, and help with applying, at a Citizens Advice Bureau.

Other Charities

Thomas Anguish
1 Woolgate Court
St. Benedicts Street
01603 621023

The Fitzmaurice Trust
Marlpit House
Belaugh Green Lane
01603 301444

The Foundation of Joanna Scott
Mrs S Loombe
‘The Foundation of Joanna Scott and Others’
13 The Close
01603 632225