Termly Plans

Milestone 1: Through the Keyhole & Here, There and Everywhere

Year 1

Through the Keyhole (Stone Age)

Through the Keyhole (Victorians)

The Wheels on the Bus (Norwich)

The Wheels on the Bus (Village/London)

Music (London/British Music)

Computing (Neolithic Cave Art)

Computing (Introduction)

Year 2

Peepo People!

Peepo Minibeasts!

Music (Minibeasts)

Computing (Communicating)

Computing (Coding)

Milestone 2: Need, Greed & Glory & Up, Down and All Around

Year 3

 Invaders (Vikings)

Invaders (Normans)

Acorn to Oak

Round the World in 80 Days

Year 4

Explorers (Polar)

Explorers (Biome) 

The Volatile Earth (Plate Tectonics)

The Volatile Earth (Weather)

Milestone 3: People, Punishment Power and Parliament & Green Planet

Year 5

The Broads 

Computing (Blogging)

Computing (Coding)

Music (Soundscapes)

Year 6

Passport to the World

Computing (On-line Safety)

Computing (Blogging)

Computing (Coding)