St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School

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Our Artsmark Journey

The Arts have always been valued, developed and celebrated at St Francis and have been central to the educational experience we are able to offer our pupils. We have always planned rigorously when teaching knowledge, understanding, skills and critical thinking in the Arts and the many vibrant displays around our school are testament to the value we place on developing the Arts in both our taught and wider curriculum.

However, for the last couple of years, we have sought to obtain a formal recognition of the work that we do through taking part in the Arts Council’s ‘Artsmark’ process.

Our vision was to also work together as a Trust, sharing our ideas and expertise with each other, and for us to create more opportunities for sharing the wealth of outstanding creativity throughout our schools.

Some of the major events in our Artsmark journey have been ‘A King’s Ransom,’ Opera project, the Peter Pan Project and the Summer Art Exhibitions held as part of the Norfolk and Norwich festival. These had a huge impact- creating even more opportunities for creativity, performance, exhibiting and community outreach. Visiting artists and musicians have worked with children of all ages, and continue to do so.

Our Pupil Voice survey results included:

‘I felt really proud of my art and also that the rest of the school were showing their artwork too. My family were amazed at the exhibition!’

Comments from the families and community:

‘The standard of the artwork is exceptional. Well done for all the hard work and care that has gone into the display- from the whole school community,’

A selection of images from our Artsmark journey can be viewed below:

In the December 2019, St Francis of Assisi was awarded a Gold Artsmark in recognition of the quality of Arts provision throughout the school.