St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School

Spirituality, Aspiration, Innovation, Diversity

Mission, Vision and Aims 2

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The family of St. Francis of Assisi is a school community following in the footsteps of Christ and built on the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.

We seek to:

  • Be a happy, welcoming and caring school where we recognise, affirm and develop the unique gifts and talents of each individual
  • Provide a safe, purposeful and stimulating learning environment where all children can flourish
  • To value childhood as an intrinsic right of all children
  • Enable every child to learn, grow and reach their full potential
  • Help children develop high self-esteem, confidence and a strong sense of identity
  • Inspire the children through a child-centred, thematic and creative curriculum
  • Capture the children’s natural curiosity and foster a desire for learning and high achievement in a changing and challenging world
  • Teach Christian values to children, inviting them to build their own lives upon them
  • Provide a place where all are offered an opportunity to come to know Jesus better through their learning,  through worship and through the daily life of the school
  • Work together as a hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic community, where all contributions are valued
  • Recognise and value parents as the first educators of their children, fostering positive relationships and strong working partnerships between the school, parents, and all those responsible for the children’s welfare and education
  • Be an inclusive family, inspired by gospel values through service to others
  • Teach the children to value and celebrate diversity within the school and beyond
  • Help the children develop respect and responsibility for themselves, for others, and the world in which they live