St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School

Spirituality, Aspiration, Innovation, Diversity


Our School ValuesValues Education

As a Catholic school with a strong Christian ethos we actively support and promote a value-based education. Through this we encourage the whole school community to:

  • Think about and reflect upon positive Christian, British and Universal values
  • Experience how living out these values impacts on themselves and others, in school, in the wider community and in the world
  • To instil a sense of belonging to the school, the local community, the country they live in and the wider global community
  • Inspire individuals to choose their own positive personal social, moral and spiritual values
  • Enable individuals to develop and deepen their own values in relation to their roles and responsibilities as national and global citizens

Actively promoting and teaching about values promotes an inclusive school ethos and ways of working that raise aspirations and achievements. It helps raise children’s self-esteem and encourages them to take more responsibility for their own behaviour and learning.

image003Each month the whole school focusses on a chosen value, from a rolling programme of 22 values. These include such values as compassion, co-operation, tolerance, respect and service. These values are introduced in assemblies, developed through PHSE, RE and woven into other areas of the curriculum, such as justice and freedom through History in Y6. They are embedded in school life.

Focussing on these values offers children a clear moral code that is accessible, in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex and uncertain modern society. It encourages individuals to ponder, engage with, examine and explore issues, see life from different perspectives and develop a sense of empathy for different viewpoints, as well as develop an intellectual curiosity about the world. It enables freedom of thought and response, within a clear moral framework.

Since September 2014 schools have been required to demonstrate how they actively promote and embed British values in particular, as well as challenging values and ideas contrary to fundamental British values.

We believe that Christian values and British values are not mutually exclusive. The recognition that all people are to be valued regardless of beliefs, background or ethnic origin is reflected in the school’s Equality Statement and rooted in the school’s Mission Statement and Aims.

The school actively promotes British values in many ways, including:


  • Class charters and school rules are agreed by the children at the beginning of the school year
  • Pupil voice – a fairly elected School Council, which listens to the views of pupils, promotes a democratic process, freedom of speech and group action
  • Study of history and geography
  • Religious education, PHSE and Philosophy
  • Seeking pupils’ views and feedback
  • Year Six visit to the Houses of Parliament each year

Rule of Law

  • Consistently applied school rules and expectations for the common good
  • Clear policies and procedures in place to tackle behaviour and attitudes which are contrary to the school’s moral code and expectations
  • RE – helping children distinguish between right and wrong, as well as the importance of honesty, forgiveness and reparation
  • PHSE – including people who work in our community, circle time and other opportunities to discuss feelings, emotions and behaviour
  • PE – following and developing rules; the importance of fair play; celebrating with grace and being magnanimous in defeat (sportsmanship)
  • Rewarding good behaviour, sportsmanship and being community spirited through Oscar awards
  • Visits from local police and other community authority figures

Individual Liberty

  • Supporting pupils in developing self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Ensuring children understand they have rights and responsibilities – eg through UNICEF First Steps to Right
  • Encouragement of pupil participation and inclusiveness in all aspects of school life, including extra-curricular activities
  • Anti-bullying policy and practice
  • Development of speaking and listening skills, including debating skills, for example, through drama and Philosophy
  • Encouraging children to make choices and keep safe

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

  • RE and Value of the Month
  • Study of other faiths in RE, including visits to other places of worship and visits from representatives of other faith traditions
  • Multicultural events and celebrations, eg International cooking, to celebrate the rich ethnic diversity of our school community
  • Special assemblies and liturgies that promote reflection on tolerance and respect, such as Remembrance, Anti-Bullying, Putting Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes
  • Active support of charities, both in Britain and overseas, develops the children’s appreciation and respect for the differences and inequalities in the world and of all the things that we share as human beings, for example the need for food, shelter, security and love.

The school takes an interest in national and international news events and sometimes these are used as a stimulus for cross curricular work.

We also enjoy marking and celebrating events of special national and international significance, such as the Olympics, World Cup and other sporting events, Remembrance Day, Bonfire Night, Royal events, National Charity Days, St George’s Day (and other saints) and Elections.