St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School

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MFL Vision Statement

Purpose and Intent – what is our approach to MFL?

Our intent is to plan and deliver a language curriculum that embeds the skills that children will need for future language learning and to lay the foundations for cultural knowledge and understanding.  The subject leader has developed a yearly overview plan and a progression of skills map for KS2 that has been designed to allow the children to discover, develop and deepen their knowledge of a language and this will enable them to meet the end of Key Stage 2 requirements from the National Curriculum.

Implementation – what does our approach to MFL look like in the classroom?

Children learn Spanish in LKS2 (Milestone 2) and French in UKS2 (Milestone 3).  Each class has a weekly lesson with a language specialist and pupils are encouraged to use the language they have learnt in their lesson, throughout the week, at home and at school.  The MFL curriculum at our school is designed to progressively develop children’s skills in acquiring, using, and applying a growing bank of vocabulary organised around topics.  To foster enjoyment, curiosity and confidence, ample opportunity is given to the children for collaborative and independent work and it is consistently emphasised that it is ok to make mistakes and this positive environment allows the pupils to grow in confidence and not feel nervous when speaking out loud in front of the class.  We aim to be inclusive for all pupils and we actively engage all children with games, songs, rhymes, role play, book making, grammar focus lessons, scavenger hunts, action songs and many more creative ways to embed their language learning enjoyment and skills. 

Impact – how do we measure success in MFL?

Children will know more, understand more, use more, and remember more.  There are three important outcomes of learning a foreign language – linguistic, spiritual and cultural.  These three outcomes will be measured and assessed by various means during the pupil’s learning journey through Milestone 2 and 3.  As confident linguists, they will have practiced and learnt the skills of learning a language necessary for them to be able to continue in their next stage of education.  When our pupils leave St Francis Of Assisi, they will take with them the skills of discovering, understanding and most importantly, respecting different cultures.