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Cool Maths Websites

White Rose:
This new 1-minute maths app helps children to build greater number confidence and fluency. It’s all about targeted practice in engaging, one-minute chunks! This app is brilliant and covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
This app is free to purchase from the app store.

TimesTable Rockstars:
Children from Years 3- 6 will have a log in to enable them to practise their Times Tables on this fun interactive website:

ICT Games:
Excellent site for both English and Maths! Go to the Maths Zone for lots of cool Maths games.

Top Marks:
An excellent site for early years Maths fun!

Primary Interactive:
Activities for the entire primary age range, from the youngest to the oldest!

Math Playground – Thinking Blocks:
An American site with some fantastic activities that involve children manipulating blocks to make up bars. Similar to the ‘Singapore Bar’ idea that is very popular at the moment.

The Nrich website (which is free) has a wealth of resources including problem solving activites, games and challenges for all ages of primary school children.

BBC Learning Zone:
Includes the ‘Bitesize’ KS2 revision area – excellent for SATs preparation in Year 6!


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