St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School

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Maths Monkeys

Watch out! Our Maths Monkeys have arrived!

We would like to introduce you to some new members of our school. Here are the Maths Monkeys! They arrived one day in the cold and they each have their own colourful scarf to keep them warm.

Each class has its own Maths Monkey and the children are invited to take it in turns to take him or her home with them and do some Maths! Each Maths Monkey has its own diary to record what it has been up to. When it is your child’s turn to bring the Maths Monkey home, please could you think of some Maths they could do together and encourage your child to record it in the diary. If you could take a photo of the Maths Monkey doing Maths with your child as well, that would be great! You don’t have to stick to doing Maths at home, you could take the Maths Monkey to the shops, supermarket or the beach!

image001Here are a few ideas that Maths Monkey could do:

  • Going on a number hunt
  • Counting objects/animals/stairs
  • Cooking / baking
  • A visit to the shop to buy some sweets!
  • Sorting stickers into a repeating pattern
  • Organising and classifying toys, books or cars
  • Guessing the missing number on the fridge
  • Helping children to learn times tables facts
  • Learning number bonds
  • Finding and identifying 2D and 3D shapes
  • Exploring patterns
  • Collecting and displaying data
  • Playing Maths games on the computer
  • Playing chess or other board games
  • Looking for differences and similarities
  • Using our mathematical powers
  • Exploring number lines
  • Using reasoning, fluency and problem solving skills

         Have fun!